The Project Process






Give 100% to Clean Water Projects

We operate on the 100% model, donating every penny we receive from donations and fundraisers to clean, sustainable water programs in Latin America. 



Target a Region

Over time Solea Water's focus has localized in Latin America, enabling us to best utilize our resources and knowledge of this specific world region. Every Solea Water project begins with a community partnership. In this way, rather than dictating solutions from afar and above, we work closely with local advocates and community members to determine which water solutions best fit their needs and how, once implemented, they will be able to independently manage them going forward.




Collaborate with Local Partners

After developing relationships with each individual community and other necessary in-country partners, we meet with community members to evaluate the particular situation of each community. Together, we determine their needs and expectations as well as the assets and infrastructure they can provide to developing a clean water system. 




Form a Water Committee

Next, we work closely with the community to develop an appropriate plan of action. Knowing there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sustainable water projects, we work in conjunction with each community and our in-country partners to establish a program incorporating education, training, and water systems that empower communities and leave them capable of managing their own project in the future. In this way, our water projects are truly sustainable.



Program Implementation

Once a mutually accepted program is produced, implementation begins. We often ask communities to raise 10% of the total cost of their project, while donations cover the rest. Then, with the supervision of trained engineers, the community and their partners provide all the labor needed to build the water system they have chosen, increasing community capacity, giving responsibility and ownership over the project, and empowering the community to take control of their water needs.




Water and Sanitation Education

Finally, we work with the community to provide the necessary education and training to maintain their water system independently. Additionally, this education provides the necessary knowledge and skills to practice safe, hygienic lifestyle skills, reducing the morbidity and mortality of water related disease.




After the completion of each project, Solea Water works to actively maintain relationships with each community. In addition to these friendships, we regularly communicate with the communities we work with to evaluate the efficacy of their program, monitor their results, and modify each program in response to community changes. Finally, these results are reported to our supporters and donors so that Solea Water can be as transparent as possible with both our successes and our projects that still need work.