We’re looking for a dedicated team to support us as we pursue the opportunities that God has put before us and his call on our lives. Over the next year, Anthony will be pursing church planting in Granite City through August Gate Church and the North American Mission Board. As he pursues training and education toward the goal of planting and pastoring a church, and as we continue to grow Silo Coffee + Goods and keep Solea Water running on the 100% model, we need your support. We need financial partners who want to play a role in seeing the gospel brought to Granite City in a new way, and who want to provide people across Latin America with access to clean water. We also are in great need of your prayer, as obedience to God’s call can be a great blessing while being a great challenge. Pray that God would provide and that he would prepare us well to do this work.

We hope you’ll consider giving monthly to support our endeavors. Your donation will go directly to helping us continue in these ministries.

To give please either,

1. Send a check to August Gate Church at 2617 Minnesota Ave, St Louis, MO 63118. Include a note that says “Burchett Support” but please do not write this directly on the check.

2. OR most banks will provide a check mailing service for free, usually used for bill pay. If you would like automated payments, consider this option, and let us know if you need any more information.

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