Why water? 

We believe water is a basic, foundational human right. It also has the power to change everything for those who lack it. Read more.


How much of my donation goes to clean water and How does the 100% model work?

We fundraise for our operational costs separately. Because of this model, we can assure donors that 100% of all monetary donations go directly to our clean water programs in Latin America.


Where are you located?

We currently don’t have a central office. Contact us if you need an address for a donation.


Is solea water a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit organization?

Yes, donations to Solea Water are tax-deductible. Our EIN is 99-0382020. 


What is the mission statement of Solea Water?

Solea Water is dedicated to alleviating water poverty to bring hope to impoverished communities in Latin America. 


What does solea water mean?

Pronounced so-lay-uh, in Spanish,"solear" means to leave out in the sun, or to bleach - purify - relating to our clean water initiatives. We felt that choosing a Spanish, sun-related word would also connect to our focus on Latin America. 


Where does Solea Water work?

In order to maximize our impact, we are focusing our work to countries in Latin America. There are projects underway in Panama and Haiti. We have also worked in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Belize. While there is great need in other parts of the world, such as various countries in Africa, we recognized that there were a number of other organizations more effectively doing work in countries like Kenya and Uganda.