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Fundraising Guidelines

Get to know Solea Water well before starting your fundraiser. Solea Water works to provide life’s most basic need, clean drinking water, to bring hope to communities in Latin America. 

Spread awareness about the water crisis tied to the efforts of Solea Water. While the water crisis is global, we hope fundraisers will put an emphasis on the water crisis in Latin America because that’s where Solea Water works. Due to the many tourist destinations and developed cities in Latin America, the water crisis is often neglected. 

Do not affiliate Solea Water with a specific political group. It may be easy to receive donations from specific groups you affiliate with, but as a public nonprofit, Solea Water cannot associate with political campaigns. Reach out to in-groups for support, but please do not fundraise at a specific event that is politically affiliated. Remember that when you are fundraising, you are representing Solea Water.

Use only Solea Water resources. For copyright reasons we ask that you use resources (pictures, signs, or any other publicity materials) from Solea Water. We understand that we may not have as many resources compared to other water organizations, but if you need specific resources, ask us and we will be happy to help you. Many of you may be associated with other advocacy groups raising awareness about the water crisis. We just ask that when you are soliciting donations specifically for Solea Water, photos or videos from other organizations are not used in the same pitch, post, email, etc.