January Newsletter

Happy New Year from Solea Water! A fresh year means a fresh start, and an opportunity to reflect on our goals for the upcoming 365 days. Maybe you want to learn how to play the ukulele, take up calligraphy, or run a marathon (all of these are on my list), or maybe you plan to give back just a little more than you did last year. Here at Solea Water, we have committed, for yet another year, to end water poverty around the globe and we hope that you can help us achieve that goal!


Want to get involved? It’s as easy as just drinking more coffee! Our recent partnership with Silo Coffee + Goods means you can easily purchase bags of fair trade whole-bean or ground coffee. Not only do a portion of those profits go towards our work in Latin America, but purchases also support coffee farms in the same regions as Solea Water’s projects!

If you’re just not all that into coffee or are more of a tea drinker, have no fear! You can also support Solea Water by pledging your birthday, meaning instead of receiving gifts from your friends and family, they’ll agree to donate your age in dollars to a water project through Solea Water. Or, start your own fundraising campaign! There are endless possibilities to what you can do to alleviate water poverty!

2016 seems as great a year as any to do something amazing and end the water crisis. Let’s make this year a great one!